Sunday, January 6, 2013

NEWS - All concerts are available for download

For the first time since we exist, all concerts are available for download. For this we changed all the files to Uploaded site, which allows the files are not deleted after 1 or 2 months as other servers. Despite having a download limit of 1 file per hour for a non-premium, this was the best option we found.
Almost reaching the 500,000 visitors, we will continue to put many exclusive concerts and other stuff hard to find.

We will also continue to develop our other blog:

We hope you continue to support the bands by buying their cd `s, t-shirts and other accessories, as well as going to their concerts.

An excellent 2013 with a lot of music!

Live Bootlegs


  1. dead links my freind

    1. Please tell the concert with dead link. Thanks.

  2. How is the download supposed to work? All I get is a JavaScript file to save or open. Not a rar.

    A little help please.

    1. You need to download the most recent Adobe Flash Player version.
      I hope that help.

  3. Slipknot live Roskilde Festival 2013 bootleg download?


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